Confirm Email

It’s Dale Obrochta from here. You’ve just joined the 90-Minute Marketing program. Your information is on it’s way as soon as you confirm your email address.


 If You Don’t Confirm Your Email, Your NOT Registered (Unless You’re Already A Confirmed Subscriber)

Why do I do it this way?

Some people (mostly kids) use fake email addresses, or put someone else’s email address in when they sign up for something. What happens then is that my email service sends mail out to some non-existent email address or to someone who hasn’t requested email from me. Do you know who else sends out email to non-existent email addresses and to email addresses that haven’t asked for email? Spammers, that’s who.

So, the more email that gets sent to fake email addresses, the more I look like a spammer. Since my livelihood depends on me being able to deliver email, I’m militant about making sure I only send to people who want it.

What If I Don’t See A Confirmation Email?

Have you ever noticed that perfectly good email that you want to receive sometimes ends up in your spam folder? It’s called a false positive and your Internet Service Provider is at fault. You and I both hate spam (I’ll bet I hate it more) and sometimes ISPs get overzealous and make mistakes. That’s probably what’s happened. Check there, mark it as legitimate email and add me to your address book. If you just get your login info for the sneal peek, that means you were already subscribed to us.

What If I Want To Stop Getting Email From You?

There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. It works. As I said, I’m militant about only sending email to people who want it.

Dale Obrochta | 90-Minute Marketing Coach