90-Minute Marketing Builds Success

The most comprehensive course available designed to successfully market your business in 90 minutes.

How do you become a marketing genius?


People who establish a routine, be it working out, eating, or financial saving, all achieve great success, because of the structure.  If we apply structure to marketing every day, along with having ideas, tools, and the know how to market, success happens.  It’s that simple.



“What can I say about Success in 90-Minutes! A lot, but I will not go into a long rant about how it is great. Let me just say spend the cash, implement the program, and see some results. Seriously, just do it!

Jesse Lewis – Owner Jesse Lewis Hypnosis


Problem solved right here:

What makes 90-minute marketing a success? A step-by-step marketing routine that takes your marketing strategy from nothing to a highly evolved plan of action in 90 minutes.  Giving results each and every day.

A structured routine built into a marketing strategy eliminates the hap-hazard marketing strategies that have no plan, no call-to-action, no direction.
 In the next 28 days, you’ll get good stuff on:
  • Market to Social Media
  • Email Marketing Techniques
  • Phone Call Marketing
  • Developing New Marketing Material
  • Networking
  • Organizing
  • Planning
  • Self Improvement
  • Research & Development

“Oh, my goodness.  Your program is kicking my butt! (That’s a good thing since I have been needing to do all of this ages ago.)”
– Manja Warner,
 Balloon Art & Decor

“This course has made me look at many things more closely, consider what impact they are having on potential clients, and how better to craft my message.”
– Vince Mehringer, Cayuga Balloons LLC

  • Unlike many marketing books which simply give stories about successful people or talk about techniques, 90-Minute Marketing provides a 28-day work schedule.
  • Each day for 28 days you will receive a detailed email explaining what the marketing objective is for the day and how to achieve that objective.
  • Spend just 90 minutes a day focused on marketing and you will achieve more in that time period than you have done in the last six months.
  • These are tested marketing techniques that are simple to perform and proven effective.

 “I found the daily inspiration to do the work helpful. and felt the chronological approach and the daily email most helpful.”
Carolyn Stearns, Storyteller

I’m Living Proof That This Works

On January 21, 1997, I developed my entertainment website, and for years worked on SEO marketing, and was quite successful. However, Google kept changing the algorithm, and before I knew it my website was going from top ranking to slowly fall off the page.  Hours were spent moving the page up and watching it fall.

I needed to establish a system that would work. As Web 2.0, blogging and social media was developing, I was there learning, tweeting, and mapping plans.

Over time I developed the 90-Minute Marketing system.  I used this system to help me connect with movers and shakers in my industry, create a following, and eventually used these skills to land on a TEDx stage.

If you are serious about your business  – can you afford to spend 90 minutes a day marketing, developing, and generating more leads, calls, and clients?


I can assure you that other failing businesses around the world assume that sending email blasts, newsletters, and having a website is marketing. Let those people sit and wait for their phone to ring.  I’ll be making mine ring with the 90-Minute Marketing program.

It’s your business.  All I can do is point you in the direction of success.  It’s up to you to take the first step.

So How Much Is This Going To Cost You?

The entire course is only $147 less than one private lesson from a professional marketing consultant.   ORDER TODAY AND SAVE!


If you are not happy with the 90-Minute Marketing program, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of registration and 100% of your money will be refunded to you, with no questions asked.

Refunds will be paid via PayPal. If a buyer does not have a PayPal account, we ask that the buyer create an account using the same email address used to register for the 90-Minute Marketing program, so a refund can be processed.

You can pay a few thousand dollars to a marketing consultant, sometimes in the five figures, for advice, OR you can do their dirty work for a fraction of the cost. It’s your choice!