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How to Creatively Brand Your Message with a Game

Creativity is 95% of the work, and the message is the other 5%.   This weekend has been the epic battle to get my son to take responsibility and clean his room.  Being he is eight years old – it’s easy for him to pull out all his toys from a closet, but it is impossible for him to put them back.

Balloon ScrabbleWith all the toys scattered around the bedroom, I noticed my old Scrabble game on the shelf.  Board games are all but obsolete with all the people playing online games nowadays.  There it was.

Scrabble was sitting on the shelf.  Here was an opportunity for me to create an image that would brand a message. I pulled down the game and pulled out my trusted cell phone camera and quickly took several pictures.

Balloon Scrabble Tiles

I also found an older game from 1971 in the closet, Scrabble Sentences, and strategically created an image.  The message may not scream balloon entertainment, but I’m planting a thought in the viewers’ head that says, laughing, balloons, they’re associated with fun, and so am I.


Not all brand messages need to yell or be bold.  Look around your house. The next prop that will help you brand your message may be sitting on a shelf. Give it a try; you cannot fail; it’s marketing.

Simple Way to Prevent a Major Marketing Mistake


I have tried developing marketing material without pictures; it’s not easy.  I have learned very quickly in my career that capturing the moment was well worth my time and effort when it comes to marketing.

In the early ’80s, I produced a national newsletter and struggled to find images.  What I would have given to be able to tell people to “snap a picture with your cell and send it to me.”

Here we are, years later, and I am amazed that people forget to snap a picture or grab a quick video.  It may seem trivial at the time, but when it comes time to do marketing … images are valuable!

Pictures can convey ideas, moods, and show reactions that help sell a product or service.

Major Marketing Mistake – Absence of Pictures

Not getting that quick picture with a celebrity holding your product, a corporate leader praising your work, not capturing the image that helps sell your marketing story.  Marketing is all about conveying a message and having the picture helps sell it.

How does a photographer see the world?

  • Close up
  • Angles
  • Distant
  • Objects near and far
  • Blurred
  • Colorful
  • Abstracted

The boys playing

Use your creativity when taking pictures and create exciting images. Combining it with excellent copy builds interest to the marketing piece, giving the readers more than words, giving them an experience or adventure.

It’s Digital – Keep Clicking

I wish I could take one picture that told the perfect story, but I don’t.  So I make sure I take a lot of pictures.  There have been events that I’ve taken forty pictures and only two that make it into my marketing.

Each year my cell phone camera is improving and allowing me opportunities to capture beautiful pictures. Innovative software allows me to edit and post instantly. One of the most powerful marketing tools I carry now fits in my pocket.

I’ve taken 90 minutes to play and figure out my cell phone camera, have you? Don’t let a powerful marketing tool sit on the sidelines.  Use it today.