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Local Marketing Turf War Domination Through SEO Blogging

Every marketing and salesperson knows it’s all about numbers, eyes, and touches that lead to inquires.  Every day you and I work hard to get in front of the prospect or get recognized as a leader in the industry.  You are targeting prospects with Facebook ads, blogs, and yes, even cold-calling to generate leads.

Over time, you begin chasing numbers, and the marketing scoop widens.  It happens to me as I realized local marketing domination was dwindling. The business down the street is now using my competitor’s service and not mine.  The turf war was lost before it began.

Restablishing my Domination

My local domination occurs because I was actively producing content for my website and after capturing the number one position on Google for eight years I then started to look at other social media and spend the next five years playing with all the new social media outlets that popped up.

Time ticked by and as the company grew, I developed more niche websites, and the SEO formula changed making it harder to grab the top spots on Google’s front page.

One SEO practice still works for page ranking, and that is content creation. Blogging is an SEO tool that works and creating well-niched blog article can take a website lost deep down in Google search pages and moved them to the top pages.

Creating Niched SEO Content

Here are four ways to generate niched SEO content

“When you try to solve a problem, you just make more.” –  John Tavner (Michael Dorman)

  • Micro-niche the blog post
  • Focus on one area
  • Address one problem
  • Talk to one group

Micro-niche: Writing a product review is great but let’s face it, so many people are doing it. To become an expert you have to micro-niche the market and help people with a specified problem. Write a blog post that solves problems, one problem at a time.

Focus on One Area: Every business has multiple products or services. Build content that dominates one area as an expert and dominate the topic.

Address One Problem: When you try to solve a problem, you just make more. Can you remember a home project you started that was only going to be a quick 15-minutes, which turned into a two-day event? Other people are facing that same issue and are looking for a quick fix so they can get back to their main problem. Show your readers how to solve a particular problem.

Talk to One Group: Pick a writing style for the audience; are they going to be beginners, intermediate, or experts on the subject.  How you write these blog posts will determine the amount of jargon, steps, and pictures required to explain your solution.  

Dominate your turf with well written, mico-niched solutions, and address one group and you will see people linking to your articles, repeating your solutions and watch your SEO ranking climb to the top of search engines. And in the long-run, you will gain web dominance in your industry.

About the Author: Dale Obrochta is a business owner, marketing expert, and blogger who has been successfully marketing his business since 1989.  

How to Generate a Newspaper Article for Marketing Purposes

Press Release - Dale

The Press Release – The Art of Self-Promotions

Do you feel excited when a friend emails, posts, or calls telling you they just read an article about your company or service in the newspaper? I know it puts a smile on my face.

“Daddy, Ms. Simpkins saw you in the paper!” my son yells as he runs into the house from school. Ms. Simpkins, the 1st-grade teacher, recognized me from an article that was written about a corporate charity event at which I entertained early in the month.

Several weeks later, I’m talking with extended family at a birthday party, and somebody says, “Hey, I saw you in the newspaper.” This is no surprise to me. I have been playing John Appleseed for years.

The legendary John Appleseed introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, as well as the northern counties of present-day. Over time many of the trees grew and flourished. Over the year, I have been planting my seeds…news releases.

News releases have been used by major companies around the world for decades. As long as companies are making “news,” they’re going to keep sending them to news media outlets. Notice I said news media outlets… a press release can be sent to radio and TV stations, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. We have more outlets now than we had ten years ago to publicize a company’s success.

Every year I send out press releases. Some individual seeds make it into the newspaper, while others die before they can even take hold. However, for those that do grow into a story, they generally flourish and generate marketing that I would have typically paid $100’s if not $1,000’s of advertising dollars for, all from a press release that takes about 90 minutes to create.

Writing a press release is not difficult; you need a human interest story built into the press release. In this example, I appealed to the editor’s interest in community, church, and schools. Without this hook, it would be just me talking about a balloon show. Interesting to me, but not the editor’s readers. Bottom line…the article does not get published.

I have found that I don’t have to wait for an editor to publish my story. News outlets are now allowing you to post your news. I could wait, hope, wish and pray that my article gets published, or I can log into an online news outlet and publish my news.

After I self-publish my news, I use social media to share my story. Months later at a family event I hear…”I saw you in the newspaper.” “Really,” I say with a smile.

It’s time for you to start planting your news seeds, for when you do, it will get you the marketing you need to grow your business.

If you’re unsure on how to create a press release, then get my e-document on How to Write a Grand Opening Press Release. This e-document will guide you through the process of writing a press release for a special event.