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How to Make Your Shares Powerful in Facebook

Facebook Share PowerfulHave you ever considered how we recommend, share, or network information? The average Joe on the street shares, copies, or pastes a URL, and doesn’t think about the call to action.

Studies have shown that positive recommendation generates more likes and shares.  People are willing to share positive articles more than a negative story. Motivational text, images, and videos are the most popular posts on the Internet which generates interaction.


Developing the Call to Action Recommendation

My friend, Bob, wrote a fascinating article about marketing which had some excellent takeaway points that I hadn’t considered using.  Here’s the article… URL

Analyzing the post above

The post starts with showing the relationship, “My friend, Bob.”

Adding a personal association establishes credibility in a post.  Words like friend, colleague, co-worker, brother, sister, father, wife, son, daughter create a personal connection to the article/product/service that you are recommending. As we know, a recommendation from a friend has more credibility and trust than one from a stranger.

Next comes an adjective – interesting.  I look for an identifier that gives life to the topic.  I could have easily said humorous, short, fact-filled, disturbing, educational or bewildering.  The adjective should bring emotion into the call to action. That is the way I’m sharing this post with my readers.

Some good takeaway points in this segment of the sentence express my opinion about the subject and give the reader an insight as to why I’m recommending this article.

Here’s the article that is the soft call to action.  If my first line was set up correctly, the reader should feel comfortable and secure and will click the link, as I recommended.

Let’s build another post using this same technique.

My son Carter created a fact-filled website on Fishing.  I found the design and layout easy to navigate.  What do you think? URL

The marketing madness behind a posting of this type is to generate awareness and gain feedback while creating a discussion possibly on fishing or web design.

Personal connection: Son
Adjective: Fact-filled
Subject:  Fishing
The reason you’re sharing: Design and Layout easy to navigate
Call to action: What do you think?


A crafted call to action will generate more likes, shares, and retweets than a quick post. Using personal connection, descriptive adjective, subject, and reason on why you’re recommending something increase the likes and shares in your network.

Developing the technique to craft a call to action generates a response and gives a marketer great power and influence in networking.  Failing to use these skills to construct your recommendation makes it mute.