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The Process of Giving Love to Tumblr Followers

At night, I play on my phone checking out different parts of my social media sites.  I look at who is following me, read comments or look for things of interest.

One day I was playing around in my Tumblr account, and I was looking at the people that follow me.  I was curious about who was following me and decided to check out my followers’ blog sites.

Over the evening I found a lot of things that I liked. I liked so many that Tumblr sent me a graphic and a message… “Good things come to those who like. ”

I liked 50 blog posts in that sitting.  I never knew Tumblr sent this email. Bonus, it gave me a graphic to reblog.


Tumblr tracks the number of hearts (likes) that you give. I started to think if I’d like 50 people, why not like 100? What would Tumblr do? Another image was waiting in my email inbox saying “Looks like you’re starting to get the hang of liking stuff.
This is good news for your overall happiness in life. ”


I wondered how many people have posted the Tumblr achievement award.  It reminded me of being friends with Tom on MySpace.  Everyone had Tom as a friend.

Using Tumblr search, I looked for “100 likes” and “Tumblr milestones” and found hundreds of people who had posted a Tumblr award image.  As I searched these blog posts, I noticed that nobody had liked them.  On Instagram, I posted an image indicating “500 followers”. People liked it and responded by giving it alike.

Some people have thousands of likes on a blog post. But what about these award images? Very few of them had any likes.  I want to be recognized and not be lost in the other thousands of people who liked them. So I decided to like the Tumblr award images.

I spent the next 15 minutes giving love to those who had an award image.  What did I get for my charitable efforts? One reblogged and four started following me!

I expanded my search and learned that 250, 500, and even 100,000 award badges existed in the world of Tumblr.  WARNING – you may see adult content along the way.  Tumblr is an open blogging system, and adult material is out there in plain sight.

Print this out and put it on your refrigerator to remind yourself how good you are at liking things.

My process is simple.  Every day thousands of followers ignore the milestone posts. I’m going to like them. By liking that image, I will stand out from the pack. If I’m going to spend time leaving a comment or liking something I might as well stand out from the rest while doing it.

It’s just a matter of time before the process pays off and an award milestone blogger reblogs one of my posts. It wasn’t time-consuming and took little effort, but the outcome can bring me a new audience of millions. This process is a unique, creative way to spend my evenings playing with my phone while standing out amongst the crowd on Tumblr.