How to Find the Best Clients

FIshing for Clients - Dale ObrochtaFinding the best clients is like fishing. When I fish, I see minions swimming by the shore. My bait and hooks are too big for their tiny months and are not the fish I’m looking to catch. I’m bass fishing, and that requires me to understanding the fish’s characteristics. With a little practice and knowledge, I can skillfully catch a bass.

Fishing is all about knowing what the fish eats when it eats, and where it lives; I use this same logic when marketing. I define the client I’m looking to catch in detail.

I define the perfect client by who they are, their educational background, job title, places they do business, who they interact with both socially and business-wise, and create a clear picture of the perfect client I want to work within the coming year.

I’ve personally evaluated my business and have found people that I like to work with as an entertainer. My crucial client are people who own a business, have young kids, have an interest in sports and the community, are detailed, finically established, religious, and married.

Characteristics of their events are multiple hours, fancy parties, are concerned about my wellbeing, willing to take advice, offer me food and drink, will reimburse for parking, recommend me to others, willing to pay top dollar for my service, and will interact like a long lost friend and not a paid helper.

Now that I have defined who my perfect client is and their characteristics I can now go fishing for them. I now troll networking groups, Chamber of Commerce, sporting and church events for these clients.

Defining my clients is reshaping the way I market and is making it enjoyable and profitable to work with these individuals. It takes works to land these clients, but the results are well worth the efforts.